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Bill Gates visits Microsoft IDC in Hyderabad, expresses optimism for AI-powered India

The Microsoft India Development Center (IDC) which was envisioned by Bill Gates is celebrating its 25th year of groundbreaking research.

Billionaire philanthropist and Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates recently visited the Microsoft India Development Center (IDC), an innovation centre envisioned by him in 1988. This year IDC is celebrating its 25th year of groundbreaking research, engineering, and development. The centre based in Hyderabad, Telangana, is integral to its world-class products such as Azure, Windows, Office, Bing, Copilot, and other AI applications. 

“It was rewarding to watch Bill address some of India’s brightest engineering minds at IDC, our biggest asset. Echoing his optimism over the opportunity for an AI-powered India, IDC is excited to drive innovation from India for Microsoft – from AI and cloud to security and gaming,” said Rajiv Kumar, Managing Director, Microsoft IDC, and CVP, Experiences + Devices India.

Earlier this month, Microsoft chairman and CEO, Satya Nadella visited India and highlighted the country’s growing significance in the development and deployment of AI. The CEO had said that India is second to the US when it comes to the total number of developers on GitHub and that it is going to cross that in 2027. “India is a place where the momentum around developers and development is unbelievable,” Nadella said to a packed crowd full of developers at an event in Bengaluru on Thursday.

The underlying theme of the high-stakes event was the democratisation of AI, making it accessible and transforming lives and society at large. This sentiment is something that is relevant today, with IDC delivering pioneering research and development across various domains, including AI applications. 

Gates has been among the vocal advocates of the surge in AI. While he has listed the merits of this bustling technology on numerous occasions, the 68-year-old has also warned about the potential risks. The billionaire has expressed his thoughts on AI at length in his blog.

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