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Tesla does what Apple couldn’t do. Launches its own AirPower-inspired wireless charging pad

Tesla wireless charging platform can wirelessly charge up to three devices with up to 15W of power for each device.

Tesla has done what Apple couldn’t do. Back in 2017, Apple announced a wireless charging pad called AirPower, capable of wirelessly charging multiple devices at the same time. However, the company scrapped the product due to some technical difficulties. Tesla has now announced a Qi-based wireless charging solution, inspired by its upcoming Cybertruck, is simply called the Tesla wireless charging platform. It is capable of wirelessly charging up to three devices at the same time with up to 15W of power for each device.

It looks like the Tesla wireless charging platform has definitely got some inspiration from AirPower, as it offers “FreePower” technology, which can charge a phone or an accessory wirelessly without requiring precise alignment of the device to the charging pad.

The wireless charger has a total of 30 coils and at the front, the device has a tiny Tesla logo. Looking at the various product pictures, the device seems to be made for Apple users, capable of wireless charging iPhones AirPods, and even Apple Watch.

Tesla’s wireless charging platform is a well-made accessory with an Alcantara surface, which protects the device from scratches. Similarly, it also comes with a detachable magnetic stand, which allows users to place the phone flat or at an angle. The device also comes with a 65W adapter, which powers the wireless charging pad.

Pricing and availability

The Tesla wireless charging platform is currently available for pre-order on Tesla online shop for $300 or around Rs 25,000, which is definitely a lot of money for a wireless charging pad. According to the company, the product will start shipping in February 2023.



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