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OpenAI boss Sam Altman says GPT-5 will be a ‘significant’ leap forward: Details

Sam Altman to introduce GPT-5?

After OpenAI’ ChatGPT-4o, Sam Altman seems to be planning to introduce GPT-5. Reportedly, Altman has hinted about introducing a GPT-5, the company’s next LLM. Furthermore, Sam Altman claimed that GPT-5 will be a “significant leap forward”.

Sam Altman to introduce GPT-5?

As reported by The Decoder, during the Aspen Ideas Festival, Altman spoke and expressed optimism about GPT-5. However, Altman had also said that there is still a lot of work to be done on the new model. 

Earlier during the launch of ChatGPT in 2024, Altman had said that he is not that impressed by his creation. It is believed that Altman said in a blog post that the new version of ChatGPT is ‘smart, fast, fun, natural, and helpful.’ He had also mentioned that the new voice and video mode in GPT 4o has the best computer interface he has ever used. 

Sam Altman had explained that the ‘voice’ feature of the GPT 4o feels like ‘AI from the movies.’ Furthermore, the OpenAI boss also added that he is still surprised that tech like this is real in today’s time. According to sources Sam Altman also seemed very proud of the fact that ChatGPT remains free for all users.

The leap forward

During the festival, Altman said that, “A lot of the things that GPT 4o gets wrong, you know, can’t do much in the way of reasoning, sometimes just sort of totally goes off the rails and makes a dumb mistake, like even a six-year-old would never make.”

It looks like he might be planning to improve its ChatGPT 4o, with GPT-5. In spite of being not sure about the developments around GPT-5, Altman expressed confidence in its potential. He also claimed that the GPT-5 aims to address many of the errors seen in GPT 4o.

Reportedly, GPT 4o aims to deliver responses with reduced latency, as showcased through live demos during early events. In addition to this, GPT-4o seems to have extended beyond text-based interactions and incorporates voice and vision capabilities. With GPT4o you can now speak directly to ChatGPT and receive vocal feedback. This eventually makes the conversion with AI feel more like ‘conversing with a human.’ Altman believes that GPT-5 can upgrade these features without any scope of failures, as happened earlier. Furthermore, the specific details and launch date for GPT-5 remain uncertain.

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