Daniel Radcliffe opens up about working with Sandra Bullock, calls it a ‘pinch yourself’ moment

Daniel Radcliffe says working on The Lost City with Sandra Bullock was “mind-blowing.” The Lost City opened in theatres on April 8 and has had a fairly good box-office run so far. Bullock plays Loretta Sage, the author of a long-running series of adventure-romance books in the film.

Channing Tatum plays her cover model, while Radcliffe plays a kidnapper who is on a quest to uncover the Lost City and its riches. However, Radcliffe has spoken out about his experience shooting The Lost City with Bullock, describing it as a “pinch yourself” moment for him. In an interview with Empire, Radcliffe admitted that, like most people his age, he grew up watching Bullock’s films and has always been an admirer of the actress. The actor went on to remark that being cast alongside her in The Lost City is still “mind-blowing” to him. Daniel said as per Screenrant, “Working with Sandy was a real ‘pinch yourself’ moment, because I did grow up watching her, and have been a fan of hers for so long. So to actually get to be in a movie with her is still mind-blowing to me.”

The actor said that he now finds it unusual to watch Bullock’s films after working with her, and he gave a list of his favourite Bullock movies, including While You Were Sleeping and Infamous, as well as Speed and Miss Congeniality. Radcliffe also said that Bullock encouraged him to call her “Sandy,” and that his friends frequently teased him for having a nickname for the actress.

Interestingly, The two stars seem to have genuine mutual regard for one another, with Bullock recently opening up about meeting Radcliffe for the first time, saying she “really admire[s] and like[s] him so much.” Meanwhile, most young actors would likely have a similar reaction to Bullock’s lengthy career and tremendous filmography, and it’s heartwarming to know Radcliffe has such a strong appreciation for the actress.

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