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Republicans shouting from the rooftops about inflation

Republican lawmakers have talked about inflation six times more than Democrats since the start of the year, according to new data compiled by Quorum.

Why it matters: Inflation has not only become a major flashpoint in domestic politics but the biggest and most prominent line of attack from Republicans ahead of this fall’s midterms. They’ve also leaned heavily on the monthly release of the Consumer Price Index to further fuel their inflationary messaging.

  • The GOP isn’t alone: Inflation is a leading topic of concern among vulnerable Democrats.
  • They recognize price increases for everything from food to gas as a major weakness for the party — especially after last week’s CPI report revealed the U.S. hit the highest annual rate of inflation in 40 years.

By the numbers: Since Jan. 1, Republicans have mentioned “inflation” on their official Twitter accounts and Facebook, through press releases, in floor statements and in newsletters to constituents 8,158 times, Quorum found.

  • During that same time frame, Democrats mentioned it just 1,321 times.


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