The Wombats want to do festival shows

The Wombats want to do big festival shows.

The rock trio – which comprises Matthew Murphy, Tord Øverland Knudsen and Dan Haggis – were set to co-headline All Points East festival in London’s Victoria Park with The Kooks back in 2020 but the gigs were cancelled due to the pandemic and while they haven’t been asked to headline again the band admit they would “definitely be up for it.”

Frontman Matthew Murphy told The Daily Star’s Wired column: “We haven’t been approached bout All Points East since the festival restarted but we’d definitely be up for doing it.”

The ‘Kill the Director’ hitmaker went on to explain that it was a “shame” that the gigs were scrapped and remains “hopeful” that a collaboration between The Wombats and The Kooks could happen at some point “in the future.

He added: “It was a shame it didn’t happen, as The Kooks’ singer Luke was excited about it too. We’d been texting each other with plans for all the fun nonsense we could have done together at the festival. Hopefully, it’s something that could still happen in the future.”

The Wombats are about to wrap up their latest arena tour in support of their album ‘Fix You, Not the Wold’, but prior to that, Murph had worked with members of The Killers, Bastille, Alt-J and Pixies for his album ‘Love Fame Tragedy’ and explained how it is “fun to change things up” because he is not as motivated by chart success these days..

He added: “It’s fun to change things up and utilise other people’s talents. I’m not as driven about chart success or being plastered over the radio with The Wombats now. It’s more about seeing where we get to, so there’s not as much need for collaborations. It’s something we should think about, but as a way of thinking outside the box and hitting people up, rather than forcing it into place.”


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