Justin Hayward-Young thinks life on other planets is ‘inevitable’

Justin Hayward-Young thinks life on other planets is “inevitable.”

The 34-year-old musician – who is currently lead singer and guitarist of Indie rock band The Vaccines – thinks that “other life forms” are pretty likely but is unsure whether they resemble “humans or snails.”

He said: “I guess it’s an inevitability, isn’t it? That in some faraway galaxy there are other life forms out there, whether or not they resemble humans or are more like snails, I’m not sure. But yeah, I do feel like it’s pretty likely. We’ll always want to know, I think, because it’s just part of the evolutionary process.”

It comes as the rock star and his bandmates Pete Robertson, Arni Arnason and Yoann Intonti release their other-worldly EP ‘Planet of the Youth’, which Justin says is all about “feeling like an alien.”

He told The Daily Star newspaper: “The whole tagline of the EP is about feeling like an alien on The Planet of the Youth as I get slightly older. But when I think back to being 16 or 17 I felt as much of an alien on this planet as I do now.”

The ‘Teenage Icon’ hitmakers are also set to hit the road once more for a UK tour, which Justin promises will “lean” on their first two records given that it is their 10th anniversary.

He said: “I want [the fans] to go wild as I know I will be! We played a couple of shows last summer and they were certainly crazy, so I really hope these are. I haven;t gone this long in my adult life without doing a gig! We lean quite heavily on the first two records given that it was our 10 year anniversary of the first one recently, so we do a lot of that on set.”

The tour will kick off on April 14 in Manchester and run until mid-June, when it closes in Leeds.


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