Kim Kardashian says she ‘legit screamed’ after her baby bar essay got selected as a model answer

Kim Kardashian is indeed making a name for herself in her law career as well. The SKIMS founder may be already a big name in the entertainment industry but she is also now making everyone around her proud by giving her best in her law journey. Recently, Kim Kardashian revealed on her Instagram Stories on Saturday that her essay was chosen as a model answer after it obtained the highest score.   

Kim passed the baby bar exam on her fourth try last year and an essay she had written for the same has now been selected as a ‘model answer’ for future test takers according to her recent post. Kim’s law tutor Sam Arlen Farkas shared the big news on Instagram Stories, where he posted a screengrab of Kim’s original essay. Along with the same, he wrote, “So proud of @KimKardashian!!! Looks like her essay with a nearly perfect score… Got. Picked. As. A. Selected. Student. Answer!! Well done, Kim!!”

Re-sharing the same on her Instagram stories and later explaining to a friend about what it meant, Kim revealed her reaction saying, “It means that when I took the bar my essay scored the highest so they used my essay as the model answer to show future people taking it what the answer should be. I legit screamed when my professor Sam told me!” 

Kim has gotten candid about pursuing law on several occasions and has maintained that she wants to make her late father, Robert Kardashian who was a well-known lawyer proud. Kardashian has also been getting support from her new boyfriend Pete Davidson who  has also gotten a tattoo that reads, “My girl is a lawyer.”


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