Actor Vijay’s interview after 10 years aired on Sun TV today.

Nelson Dilipkumar, who directed the hit films Kolamavu Kokila and Doctor, will be teaming up with Vijay for Beast on April 13. The film stars Pooja Hegde, Yogi Babu, Rettins Kingsley, Selvaragavan, VTV Ganesh and Aparna Das among others. Expectations are high for the Beast film due to the success of Vijay’s recent films.

Actor vijay reply to nelson about 10 years gap in interviews

The trailer for the movie Beast was released on April 2 and went viral on the internet. The action scenes that come in this trailer and Vijay’s dialogues in the trailer are already celebrated by fans. An important shopping mall in Chennai is being hijacked by terrorists. Unexpectedly, an army spy (Vijay) gets caught among the hostages. How he rescues the hostages and himself from the terrorists is expected to form the crux of the movie.

Actor vijay reply to nelson about 10 years gap in interviews

It’s now been 10 years since Vijay gave an interview, and this very-first-in-a-decade interview has hit home with the audience. This interview was taken by the director of Beast film Nelson. The promos released in this regard went viral on the internet.

In this situation, as the interview was telecast today, the reason as to why no interviews for 10 years has now been revealed. Nelson asks Vijay, “Why did you not give any interview in 10 years?” Vijay has replied that in an interview about 10 years ago, one of his answers that were printed on paper came out with an arrogant shade, and the same caused his near and dear ones to question him. Though he had explained to them that his reply was misconstrued, he felt that it is better if there was no such incidences further and hence stayed away from giving interviews.

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