The interview attended by actor Vijay was aired on Sun TV and was well received by the fans.

Directly to Vijay.

Vijay has been interviewed on Sun TV’s live interview for the promotion of Beast, which is set to release on April 13. This is an interview given by the actor almost after 10 years. This interview was taken by the director of Thalapathy’s upcoming film, Beast – Nelson Dilipkumar. Promos that were released in this regard went viral on the internet. The show was aired on Sun TV yesterday.

Why this gap? ….

“Why don’t you give media interviews. Is your schedule packed?” asked Nelson. “No, not like that. I have free time for interviews but things didn’t work out. I think about 10 years ago, I had given an interview. And I felt my words were misinterpreted in that interview. I was not happy. Even my family members asked why I had spoken so arrogantly. I then had to call up the person concerned and explained to him that I didn’t mean it like that. And I can’t keep doing it to everyone all the time right. So, I keep away from interviews,” Vijay explained.

Vijay told a kutty story to nelson in sun tv interview

A short story told by Vijay

In this interview Nelson first asked Vijay to ‘tell a kutty story’ to which the actor replied ‘no stock’. Then Vijay told a story which he had earlier told once, “One day, a football asked a flute as to why people kicked him while they kissed the flute even though they both carried air. For this, the flute answered that while the football holds the air within, the flute passes it as music. So let’s try to be the flute.”

Vijay told a kutty story to nelson in sun tv interview

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