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Snapchat announces Dynamic Stories feature: All you need to know

Here’s all you need to know about Snapchat’s new Dynamic Stories feature and how it will help users keep up with the happenings of the world around them.

Snapchat has announced a new feature called Dynamic Stories for its users. The new feature brings news updates and other information to the app’s discover feed. This will help users stay in the know-how of what’s going on in the world around them while using the app itself.

News stories themselves will be created by the content created by verified media publishers. “Snapchat does not offer an unmoderated open newsfeed, where unvetted individuals or publishers can broadcast false and misleading information to a large audience. Discover only features content from verified media publishers and content creators,” the platform said in a press release.

Snapchat is currently testing the feature in India along with other regions like France, the US and UK. Dynamic Stories is also expected to come to more countries later. These stories will be available in English, Hindi and Marathi. The platform is reportedly working on adding more local languages to the mix as well.

Content partners in India and other regions

In India, Dynamic Stories will source its content from the media partner’s RSS feeds to create stories. This will be content that has already been generated on the web, so don’t expect the quickest of updates here. Content from publishers like GQ India, MissMalini, Pinkvilla, Sportskeeda, The Quint, Times Now, and Vogue India will be used to generate Dynamic Stories for now.


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