Kim Kardashian ‘upset’ about Pete Davidson being dragged into Kanye West drama

Kim Kardashian was recently declared “legally single” by a judge. The KUWTK alum who filed for divorce in February 2021 has been fighting a messy divorce battle with Kanye West and amid the same, her new relationship with Pete Davidson has been suffering a lot. West had recently launched an online attack against Pete after he shared a series of posts on Instagram, where he mocked the comedian and later deleted them. 

If that was any less, Kanye recently also released a new music video for his song Eazy in which a cartoon resembling Davidson was seen being buried alive. Pete was also namedropped in the song’s lyrics, where Kanye raps, “God saved me from that crash just so I can beat Pete Davidson’s a**.” Netizens particularly called out Ye for the same and even called the video disturbing. While neither Kim nor Pete reacted to the same, a source close to Kardashian has revealed to Entertainment Tonight that Kim has been upset. 

The source told ET, “Kim is upset because Pete has been nothing but kind and continues to be brought into Kanye’s drama, and he doesn’t deserve it. The couple is very happy and hopefully over time Kanye will come to terms that Kim being happy is all that matters.”

In the meantime, while Kardashian didn’t release any statement, she showed her support for Davidson by liking a tweet shared by director James Gunn who worked with Pete on The Suicide Squad. The director defended Pete amid Kanye’s recent song release and described the SNL star as the “nicest guy.” 


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