Keith Richards promises new music from the Rolling Stones

Keith Richards has promised new music from the Rolling Stones.

The 78-year-old guitarist – who is a founding member of the ‘Paint it Black’ rockers – confirmed that the band will “definitely” be doing something to mark the band’s 60th anniversary later this year.

Speaking on the ‘Rolling Stone Music Now’ podcast, he said: “We’re working on just about everything. At the moment we’re just feeling our way back. We’ve just finished this tour, and everyone is figuring out what to do this year.

“Obviously the Stone’s 60th is coming and I think we’re definitely going to be doing something there. It’s a little early in the year for me to say right now quite how the year’s going to pan out, especially with the old COVID on us. But hopefully we’ll be getting around all that and getting past it. There should be some interesting music this year.”

The Rolling Stones completed a US tour at the end of 2021, and are now gearing up for a 2022 leg in Europe, beginning in June.

Keith added that it’s “impossible” to actually understand just how long a 60th anniversary is.

He confessed: “Who can wrap their head around 60 f****** years? It all seems impossible that it’s been that long. The feeling is that we have to do something this year. When that feeling grips this band, something will be done.”

The guitarist also discussed common criticisms that members of bands like the Rolling Stones are “too old” to still be performing, and admitted that when he was in his 20s he often felt older than he feels now.

Keith revealed: “Sometimes in my 20s I felt a lot older than I do now. But it’s all so relative. It all depends how you feel about yourself and how you feel about other people. I always try to look on the bright side of life


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