Tom Holland, Andrew Garfield, Tobey Maguire pose with stunt doubles in unseen, epic picture from Spider-Man: No Way Home

A picture showing Tom Holland, Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield with their stunt doubles from Spider-Man: No Way Home sets has been shared online.

An epic, unseen picture from the sets of Spider-Man: No Way Home has made its way online. The photo shows the three Spider-Men: Tom Holland, Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield posing for a picture with their stunt doubles.

The three are joined by four stunt doubles, all striking Spider-Man’s famous crouching pose. One of the stunt doubles is William Spencer who has been sharing the photo and fan-appreciation posts on Instagram Stories. One fan wrote, “What in the multiverse.” Another wrote, “Now that is some serious Spiderverse right here.”


The picture appears to have been clicked during the shoot of the film’s climax as the Spider-Men fought Green Goblin and other villains at the Statue of Liberty.

Spider-Man: No Way Home marked the return of Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield as the superhero after many years. Fans had always wanted to watch the three Peter Parkers together on the big screen and their wish was fulfilled with the film. As a result, Spider-Man: No Way Home has emerged as the biggest film of the pandemic era, collecting $1.8 billion worldwide.

There was some discussion about the film also landing a Best Picture nod at the Oscars, which it ultimately did not. Tom Holland had told Variety, “It would be a huge honour for it to be nominated for an Oscar. But I think I can speak on behalf of everyone at Marvel and Sony and particularly [director] Jon Watts, the fan reaction that we’ve received — the love and support — is enough.”

“We have created something that has been such a culturally enriching experience for so many people, that watching those fan reactions to when Andrew [Garfield] comes through and Tobey [Maguire] comes through and Andrew saves Zendaya, I will never be able to live that down,” Tom said adding, “That is just incredible. And for me, to be able to share that with the world is enough.”

Tom Holland, Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield with their stunt doubles.

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