The Batman teaser sees Robert Pattinson fly over Gotham, fight Riddler, fans call it ‘best marketed movie’

A new TV spot for The Batman dropped during the NBA All-Star Game on Sunday. Fans loved the unique promotional style and brand new footage from the film.

As the release for Warner Bros’ The Batman approaches ever closer, fans are being treated to new teasers and visuals from the superhero film. On Sunday, Warner Bros dropped a surprise teaser during the NBA All-Star Game broadcast.

The teaser was unveiled in a unique style during the All-Star Game as the Bat Signal was projected on to the stadium and VFX showed Batman standing on the roof of the arena. 

The teaser included several new scenes with a visually stunning POV shot of Batman (played by Robert Pattinson) soaring above the streets of Gotham during the night and some hand-to-hand combat between the film’s hero and villain as Batman takes on Paul Dano’s Riddler. In previous teasers and trailers, Batman and Riddler have come face to face but this TV spot marked the first time when the characters are actually seen fighting each other.

Fans were immediately on board the hype train, with many appreciating the unique trailer unveiling style. “This has to be the best marketed movie of all time,” said a fan on Twitter. Many pointed out to the Batman Animated Series reference with the way Batman appeared in the arena’s roof, which was strikingly similar to a shot in the title sequence of the 1992 animated series. “That transition was clean and love the Batman animated series vibes from this,” tweeted one fan.
The shot of Robert’s Batman flying above the streets of Gotham caught the attention of many fans, who compared it to Adam West’s iconic portrayal of the character in the 1966 film and subsequent TV series.

The Batman is directed by Matt Reeves and also stars Jeffrey Wright, Zoe Kravitz, Andy Serkis, and Colin Farrell. The film, which tells the story of Batman’s initial years as a crimefighter in Gotham City, releases in theatres on March 4.

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Robert Pattinson as Batman in the new teaser for The Batman.

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