Australian woman attempts to contract Covid so it doesn’t spoil wedding: Report

Shops and restaurants in Australia have seen a self-imposed lockdown from consumers as Covid-19 cases ballooned to over 100,000 a day, while isolation rules for contacts has blown a hole in supply chains and emptied supermarket shelves

The world is having a harrowing time in tackling the coronavirus disease (Covid-19). People are spending time locked up in their homes, restaurants and hotels are closed and governments are stopping people from going on vacations.

But a soon-to-be bride in Australia has devised a unique strategy to deal with Covid-19 – by attempting to contract it.

Yes, you read it right. According to some Australia publications, Maddy Smart has posted a video on TikTok where she is seen hugging men and women at a nightclub in Melbourne in attempt to catch the virus, which she believes will prevent it from crashing the occasion.

In the 15-second video titled “Catch COVID not feelings,” Smart is also seen swapping drinks. “POV your wedding is in 6 weeks and you still haven’t had COVID,” she said in the accompanying caption, as reported by New York Post.

While TikTok is banned in India, it is available in many other countries across the world.

The video was posted just before the government in Australia’s Victoria, Melbourne’s state, announced that it will be closing all indoor dance floors for everyone, except wedding parties, from January 12 due to Omicron surge.

The post generated mixed reactions from users on TikTok – some of them praised the woman’s novel approach, while others said they are “confused” by the so-called preventive measure, reported New York Post.

Although aggressive lockdowns and tough border controls kept a lid on infections earlier in the pandemic, Australia is now battling record Covid-29 infections.

The number of infections has crossed the 1 million-mark, more than half of which have come in the past week alone, throwing a strain on hospitals and supply chains.

Growing hospital admissions have forced officials to restore curbs in some states, as businesses grapple with shortages of staff because of sickness or isolation requirements.

But Prime Minister Scott Morrison said on Monday that Australia must “push through” the fast-moving Omicron outbreak, planning changes to isolation rules to allow work in food production and distribution by those who have been in close contact with asymptomatic infections.

A woman in line at a Covid-19 testing centre steps out of her vehicle.(Reuters Photo)

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