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Evie is a new medical-grade smart ring for women, to be showcased at CES 2023

CES 2023: Evie is an upcoming ring meant specifically for women, which will be showcased at the upcoming CES show in Las Vegas.

Evie is a new medical-grade smart ring designed specifically for women and it will be showcased at the upcoming CES 2023, which takes place in Las Vegas starting January 5, 2023. Movano, the company behind Evie, is calling this a ring designed specifically for women as it will track key health metrics for them, including resting heart rate, heart-rate variability, details on the menstruation cycle, etc.

In a press statement, Movano claims they have “plans to file for FDA clearance” as well and that the ring will give “medical grade health data” which will be easily translated into “personalised insights”. The ring will connect with an app by the company, similar to how many such devices work. But the company says it plans to charge no monthly subscription for accessing the app. The ring will be priced under $300.

The ring is definitely becoming a new and more popular form factor that many companies–especially startups— are offering to customers looking for new ‘health-tech’ equipment. In India, companies like Avantari Technologies are offering their own Dhyana Ring 2 aimed at tracking meditation and other heart rate factors. Ultrahuman is also building its own Ring to track various health parameters.

Evie Ring: Focus on women’s health

But Evie is focusing clearly on women and it will also measure baseline body temperature for women to help give more information about their menstruation cycle. This is something that the Apple Watch Series 8 and Ultra already offer.

According to the company, it has already completed a “successful hypoxia trial” in October that demonstrated “accuracy for clinical SpO2 and heart rate commensurate with FDA’s consensus standard”. It also claims that “Evie is designed per regulatory standards and built in a medical device manufacturing facility that meets ISO13485 and cGMP standards.”

The company is also claiming that “Evie will deliver data that clinicians can deem reliable for patient care.”

So what parameters will Evie be capable of tracking? The full list includes “resting heart rate, heart rate variability, SpO2, respiration rate, skin temperature variability, period and ovulation tracking, menstrual symptom tracking, activity profile, including steps, active minutes and, calories burned, sleep stages and duration, and mood tracking.”

The idea is to “help women make manageable lifestyle changes” based on personal insights from this date. For example, it can track sleep cycles and changes in body temperature to help women gain more insight into their bodies. The ring is made of polished aluminium and will come in three different finishes. The ring will be available in sizes 5-11, though it has an open design to ensure a relaxed fit.



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